2018/19 summer team nominations

Please read the information below before submitted your team nomination. Team registrations close Sunday 16th September.

Please note, we only accept full team nominations for the summer season. This is due to the fact that we do not have trials, coaches or training in the summer season and prefer to allow our girls to take a more relaxed approach to netball (compared to our winter season) where they can form their own teams and play in a grade of their choosing. If you are a new player interested in joining AUNC for the summer season, we encourage you to join our waiting list. If a team needs an extra player, or we receive enough applications through the waiting list, we may contact you to join a team, otherwise we will contact you in December when our winter season trials and registrations open. Thank you for understanding. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at netball@theblacks.com.au.


Season Dates

Tuesday 16th October to 11th December 2018, then returning on Tuesday 5th February until 5th March 2019. Finals will be played Tuesday 19th and 26th March.



2018 AUNC winter players: $110

New/non-winter players: $130

For insurance purposes, non-University of Adelaide students will also be required to purchase AU Sport membership which costs $88. This lasts for one year, so will roll forward from winter if purchased at the beginning of the winter season.

Fees will be due after the third game of the season (30th October, 2018).


Team Numbers

We strongly suggest having 10-12 players per team. This allows for people being away at different points throughout the season and reduces the need for fill ins.


Fill Ins

If your team requires a fill in, you may source someone of your choosing. AUNC will cover the cost of 4 individual fill ins for each team only. Teams can use these fill ins for up to 4 games each. For any fill ins thereafter, or if a fill in plays more than 4 games, the cost of registration (this is around $35-$55 depending on if the player played winter or not) is to be covered by the team or individual.

If a fill in plays 50% or more of the season (7 games), they must pay full season fees.



Teams are required to find their own umpire for the summer season, who will be paid by the association.

B grade: $30 per match

C grade: $25 per match

Un badged: $20 per match



Uniform items (dresses and socks) for new players will be available to purchase online prior to the first game. New players will then have the opportunity to try on and pick up their uniform at Priceline Stadium on the night of the first game, Tuesday 16th October.



If your team cannot play for any particular reason, you will be required to cover the fine (TBC).


nomination form

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Team Contact Person
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